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Stalker 2 Studio Says It Was Hacked And Is Being “Blackmailed And Intimidated”

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Stalker 2 – GSC Game World, liable for Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, uncovered that it was hacked by a gathering on an informal organization in Russia.

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On Twitter, the Ukrainian studio talked about the hack, making sense of what occurred and uncovering that it has confronted cyberattacks since the Russian attack of Ukraine in February 2022.

“As of late, our representative’s record for an aggregate picture work application was hacked,” said GSC Game World. “Obligation regarding this was guaranteed by a local area on a Russian informal organization. They are taking steps to utilize the information acquired for coercion and terrorizing.”

“This isn’t the main endeavor to hack and release our information, including individual data. For over a year we have been experiencing steady digital assaults.

We face coercion, demonstrations of animosity, hacks, endeavors to hurt players and fans, and endeavors to hurt the advancement cycle or our organization’s standing.”

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The “Vestnik TSS” bunch, which probably got the information from the studio, has shared a progression of improvement screen captures for Stalker 2 , and has taken steps to deliver 30GB of game information by Spring fifteenth on the off chance that specific prerequisites are not met.

The gathering’s primary interest is that the studio “reevaluate its demeanor towards players from Belarus and Russia” and once again introduce Russian limitation into the game.

Since Russia’s attack of Ukraine, GSC Game World has expressed that the game won’t be limited in Russian and that it won’t a be sold in Russian area. There was likewise an adjustment of the caption of the game, supplanting the Russian sentence structure (Chernobyl) with the Ukrainian one (Chornobyl).

The Russian gathering said it acknowledges Russian limitation in the game as a DLC, which would be delivered after the appearance of the actual game.

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