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Jaimie Vaes: ‘Management Lil Kleine asked me to lie about abuse’

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Lil Kleine’s management has asked Jaimie Vaes to deny that the rapper has abused her, says the 33-year-old influencer in an interview with Robbert Rodenburg. Vaes says in the YouTube program 

Open Card that both the management and the family of her ex-partner were aware of the abuse, which allegedly took place in Ibiza, among other places.

Jorik Scholten, as Lil Kleine is really called, was arrested two years ago by the police in Ibiza because of the alleged abuse of Vaes. A few hours before that arrest, according to eyewitnesses, his then fiancée ran into the lobby of a hotel covered in blood. Her clothing was also torn.

Jaimie Vaes

The couple then contradicted the abuse rumors in a video. Vaes now says that there has indeed been violence in Ibiza. To Rodenburg’s question whether Lil Kleine hit her then, the influencer answers in the affirmative: “Pushed, pulled my hair. That had completely escalated again.” (Jaimie Vaes)

According to Vaes, the video was just a facade, which she now regrets. The idea for the video came from Lil Kleine’s management, she says. “Jorik’s management literally asked me to say that he did not hit me.”

She speaks of a series of violent incidents “at home, but also outside”. “A small group” knew about it. Due to the accumulation of violence, Vaes finally decided to stand up for himself and “get out of this situation”.

Vaes did not feel the need to clear up confusion surrounding a car incident

Vaes and Scholten, who have a three-year-old son together, separated in February last year. Shortly before, images were leaked in which the rapper seems to be clamping the influencer between a door and the body of a car. Scholten was therefore arrested.

At the end of January it was announced that the Public Prosecution Service (OM) no longer suspects Scholten of attempted aggravated assault. The artist is now suspected of assault. Justice is still investigating the case.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about the video of the car incident. Vaes would not have sat with her head between the door and the rest of the car on the images, as claimed in the media. “Did I rectify that then? No. Did I feel that need? Absolutely not,” she says. Vaes says that she herself has always told her story about this honestly. (Jaimie Vaes)

“When I think back to all the times it went wrong, this may have been the least intense,” says Vaes about the images that the Life of Yvonne juice channel has shown. Vaes himself sent those images to juice vlogger Yvonne Coldeweijer. According to her, Scholten immediately knew that Vaes had leaked the images and was furious. “I had never bitten off in that way before. I always let it go. That it was such a turnaround was also new to him.”

“I don’t need to be kicked for a situation that isn’t true”

She contradicts the rumor that Vaes is after Scholten’s money in the interview. “What money? To this day I don’t ask for anything and I don’t want to ask for anything. And I don’t need applause for that. But I don’t need to be kicked for a situation that isn’t true.” (Jaimie Vaes)

Vaes leaves the investigation “entirely with the Public Prosecution Service” and, in his own words, is waiting for it to happen. “Then we will see what comes out. I think I made the right choice by not withdrawing the charges.” (Jaimie Vaes)

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Jaimie Vaes

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